Spring is here and Little League is starting up again. With the new Little League bat rules for 2012, you may end up needing to get another bat. Check out our selection of used bats, but be sure to buy only bats that adhere to the new rules.

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This is the place to buy and sell used baseball gear online for great prices.

We are great fans of little league baseball and love to encourage young aspiring baseball players. We recognize, however that buying baseball equipment can be expensive, especially if your child is just starting out. This came to our attention when we overheard some parents discussing having to borrow baseball equipment when their child lost his and they couldn't afford to replace it. Buying used baseball gear is a great way to let your kids participate in little league and parks & rec baseball without spending a fortune. Having some way to purchase used baseball equipment easily would open up the sport to a lot of other children who might not get to play otherwise. So we started this site to help parents find great used baseball equipment at a reasonable price and to be able to connect to other parents to buy or sell used baseball gear.

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